"Every bag I make holds a distinct memory, each skin has its own personality and finger print"

Elizabeth graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2008, she went on to be trained by the founding members of Bottega Veneta in Vicenza, Italy. She has worked exclusively in Italy with small artisan producers, Master artisans specializing in exotic skin handbags and for Valentino Garavani.

Due to Elizabeth's training, experience and skill, she creates her handbags from start to finish in her workshop in Milan, Italy.


"Even though it would seem to some an old fashioned way of working, I still believe in small production enterprises. I think small, niche, luxury producers of handcrafted products like mine are so important in the globalised high volume market of todays society. I am proud of every bag I create knowing I didn't send my designs off to be produced by a third party. I love designing a handbag but I am also proud to call myself an artisan. I know my bags inside and out, every stitch. I see my bags as creations, much like an artist would see their paintings.